2022 Vic-Maui. Are You Prepared?


Registration for the 2022 Vic-Maui International Yacht Race opened on January 15 and within a few days, four boats committed to the race, while several other registrations are progressing. With a 25-boat maximum, those dreaming of a yacht race to paradise will want to reach out soon—the super-early deadline in the Notice of Race is March 31, 2021. The Lahaina class makes it possible for well-found cruisers to pursue this once-in-a-lifetime tropical race. For offshore race yachts, this can be your opportunity to challenge the 8-day, 9-hour, 17-minute record achieved by Valkyrie in 2016. A true challenge for navigators—there’s no single formula for success in the 2,308-mile race.


Boating BC is hosting FREE registration for the February 24-27 virtual Vancouver International Boat Show and Vic-Maui will hold 3 video conferences, your opportunity to discover the adventure and wild fun.

The 3 Vic-Maui Race seminar topics, speakers, dates/times at VIBS:

  • Preparing Your Boat For Offshore – Christof Marti
    • Thursday, February 25 at 2:30 – 3:30 PM
  • Vic-Maui for Racers and Cruisers – Jim Innes
    • Friday, February 26 at 11 AM – 12 PM
  • Offshore Personal Survival Training – David Sutcliffe
    • Friday, February 26 at 3 – 4 PM



If you’re keen to sail offshore and are prepared to commit to the race and/or homeward delivery, register in the Vic-Maui Crew Bank.

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