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Two long established marine businesses in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast changed ownership this past summer. The good news is the new owners

Great news for boaters: The old Greenhouse Restaurant in Miners Bay has been reincarnated into the Groove Island Kitchen under energetic and enterprising new

After over seven years on the market, North Pender Island's Port Browning Resort Marina and its adjoining 5.33 acres has finally sold to Mill

A whale and her calf spyhop 20 metres from shore, astounding campers gathered at a granite edge. Sea lions bark and slip back into

A hand-held satellite phone is not the same as a smart phone and any mariner who is considering acquiring one should clearly understand the

The pros at Skookum Yacht Services share some tips on how to maximize your time between haulouts.

Grand Banks 50 Eastbay SX

When someone mentions Grand Banks, most think of the classic single-engine, tri-cabin trawler that the company developed in the early 1960s and which has

I think the key to a project like this is in the detail, the process can’t be rushed as the finish needs to be

A group of skiers takes to the sea in search of skiable terrain up Princess Louisa Inlet.

See what our scuba divers are doing underneath the boat.

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