• Good fresh bread can be hard to buy and what you take gets stale or moldy. If you have an oven and a fair bit of freezer space and you are going out for a week or longer trip, buy frozen bread dough. There is nothing like your own fresh baked bread for a great lunch on the boat and it is cheap and dead easy to make.
  • If your freezer space is at a premium, use it to store meat as good meat can be hard to purchase. As your trip progresses, you can move meat from the freezer to thaw slowly in the fridge. Even with a small freezer you can go for two weeks on the meat that you take with you.
  • Minimize washing up and create variety at lunch by putting smoked or canned fish, cold cuts, vegetables, cheeses, dips and spreads, bread/wraps/crackers, etc. on one big tray and letting people build their own sandwiches.
  • Take a box of freezer bags. They take up very little storage space, can be used to store absolutely everything flexibly and can be washed and reused.
  • Canned protein (fish; legumes of all sorts) is a Godsend on a boat.
  • A pressure cooker is great on a boat to replace the slow cooker you might use at home.
  • It can be hard to get enough heat on some boat stoves for pancakes. Make crepes instead.
Desiree Miller

Marketing Manager