Via Salt Spring Marina
Via Salt Spring Marina

Salt Spring Marina Update

By Jerry Parks and Bonny O’Connor, Owners of Salt Spring Marina

After 12 years of planning, permitting, engineering, archaeological surveys, and environmental studies, we are on our way to a new marina! The old docks have been torn out, and the new Outer Dock is being built at Minstrel Island, to be towed down to Ganges Harbour in January 2019! Island Marine Construction is building the inner docks locally, and we plan to have them installed by May 1, 2019!

The new Salt Spring Marina will have about 6000 lineal feet, up from 3200. It will cover Money Maker Rocks, eliminating a hazard that has brought many boats up short! We are now taking applications for moorage from yacht clubs and long-term moorage holders. Local boats will occupy up to 1200 lineal feet, up from 379 lineal feet! The 1200-foot limitation is due to parking restrictions imposed by the Islands Trust, so this only applies to those who would drive and park in the marina parking lot. If you are not a Salt Spring Resident, you could keep your boat here and fly in to enjoy all the wonders of the Southern Gulf Islands!


This new Salt Spring Marina will have better protection from the weather in Ganges Harbour, with the Outer Dock being 5 meters wide and having substantial mass. It will be anchored by SeaFlex anchors from the United Kingdom. The piles will be steel, and the wooden docks built locally. Dredging will be done before the inner docks are installed, ensuring minimum 2-meter depths in the shoreward slips, and up to 10 meter depths at the Outer Dock. There will be all new electrical services, both 30 amp and 50 amp, and new water lines.

We are pleased to say that we will offer a portable pump-out that can be towed by an electric cart or by hand, so boats that stay longer-term can help the environment by keeping their holding tanks emptied regularly.

For now, the existing laundry, bathrooms and showers on shore will be available only to our boaters. Lesley Cheeseman, manager of Salt Spring Marina, will continue to make sure that they are the cleanest facilities anywhere in the Gulf Islands. Salt Spring Car Rentals will continue to offer reliable vehicles should you wish to explore the island further; but remember that Moby’s Pub, Hastings House Bistro and Fine Dining, and the shops, galleries, restaurants, Tuesday Farmers Market, and Saturday Market in Ganges Village are only a short stroll away!


Call Lesley Cheeseman to sign up for your yacht club’s Ganges Outstation, or to ask questions relating to year-round or summer moorage—250-537-5810, mobile 250-537-7329.

Jerry Parks and Bonny O’Connor, Owners
Salt Spring Marina
124 Upper Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2S2