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Managing Editor of Pacific Yachting. Moo!

Boating is generally not a calorie burning sport, which isn’t really ideal when you consider how good that daily happy hour is, or how

Get the most out of your summer adventures with this new gear!

The first pilings have been pounded into the ocean floor and a 300-foot dock—the 12-foot-wide anchoring portion of the marina—has been barged into place.

Victoria’s Whitehall Rowing & Sail will be delivering two new additions to the Vancouver Lifeguards’ fleet of rowing rescue boats.

Hybrid or not, this 33-footer is an innovative, well-built and extremely fuel-efficient single-engine cruiser

Don’t be fooled by its small size, the Corvette 340 holds its own with superb layout and styling, and fine on-the-water handling

Dufour 410 Grand Large

Leading-edge design is exemplified in this clever French cruiser

Hanse 575

This towering, wide-bodied cruiser offers fabulous creature comforts, but also plenty of pace

Get ready for the new cruising season with this step-by-step guide to cleaning and checking the outside, inside and bottom of your boat

Fleming 58

A luxurious long-distance pilothouse trawler with all the latest systems—yet plenty of traditional charm

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